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Wenzhou KINKONG Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a full-service manufacturing company dedicated to the automotive aftermarket industry. Currently, our major products include automotive connectors, ECU connectors, terminals, wiring harnesses, and other accessories.We are committed to strengthening our connections with people, automobiles, environment, and the world. The connections that we have established over the years, along with the connecting roles that our products play in the industry, allowed us to prevail over our competition in the best way. Sharing the basic principles as our common view, we run our business with strong will and enthusiasm.

+ Molds
Invention Per Year

We introduce innovative molds every year to ensure quality and quantity.

+ ㎡
Warehouse Area

The newly upgraded warehouse can solve your shipping doubts.

Connectors In-stock

Large quantities of stock reduce working hours and speed up delivery.

+ Years
Industry Experience

All-in-one service from an seasoned connector manufacturer.


We have served more than 3000 customers

Hot-Selling Connector Series



Agricultural vehicle


Rail traffic



New Released Connectors

CMC series solutions

Customize your own

kinkong provides customized service for wiring harness, terminal and plug to meet your needs

Good Connection To Satisfactory Customization

Our team of designers and engineers work closely with you to deliver a steady stream of consistent product quality to ensure you successfully promote your brands, providing robust solutions to your ideas to address the most practical needs.

Overall Customization

Personalized materials, appearance and packaging etc.

Short Lead Time

7 days of sampling and mold design for 1 month.

Technology Evaluation

Technicians will provide feasibility research from start.

Design Consultation

Ongoing communication and optimization from designers.

Flexible Threshold

Hassle-free customization to meet your individual needs.

Performance Testing

Waterproof, heatproof , and dustproof inspections.

Industry-leading & Customer-praised

Tried & Trusted Connector Manufacturer

Based on the expertise and technology actively drawn by our technical team, we continue to move forward with the purpose of continuously delivering satisfying connectors that drive the overall development and growth of your brands.

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