Modern Warehouse Facility

intelligent warehouse system

Adequate Inventory Availability

Our warehouse exceeds 3,000 square meters, providing spacious storage space for multiple types and quantities of in-stock connectors. Sufficient stock allows us to shorten the lead time and speed up the delivery as much as possible so that the products can reach you quickly.

A staff is making budge on PC

Advanced Inventory System

Intelligent scanning systems greatly improve the efficiency of stock storage, and the advanced ORACLE system we use optimizes logistics and warehousing, providing clear visibility of products from the warehouse to the shipping facilities.

Proper Warehouse Management

Disciplined Regulations

Orders warehoused the same day

In order to improve the efficiency of logistics, our warehouse adopts a smart management system to achieve one-day orders to be warehoused on the same day, so that products can be shipped quickly.

Experienced Team

More than 10 years of industry experience

The warehouse team consists of 30 people who have gone through rigorous training and regular studying process. We’re skilled in warehouse management and the operation of SAP systems, whether it is the stock allocation or parts locating, our staff can do the job efficiently and accurately.

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