Design & Engineering

Design & Engineering

Professional Team Produces Perfection

Extensive experience in the field and a good training base allow the R&D team to perfectly blend trends and make each connector have the best quality performance from your perspective.

10+ years of work experience

The R&D and design team has more than 10 years of experience The professionalism of the team is among the top in the industry.

Work experience from renown companies

The designers and engineers working for us are from well-known companies in the industry, and they have reaped many positive reviews.

Worldwide project cooperation experience

Over the past few years, the R&D team has gained experience in numerous global projects with targeted strategies in foreign markets.

Exclusive Services

Over the past few years, the R&D team has gained experience in numerous global projects with targeted strategies in foreign markets.

employees meeting in the conference room

Constructive Efforts Lead To Outstanding Connectors

KINKONG sticks to creating self-developed products in accordance with our private product standards to produce connectors with high-level performance while accelerating standardized production and improving cost advantage.

4 technicians are discussing the connector drawing in the meeting room

Practical Design Concept

Our designers conduct long-term in-depth studies of the connector market to make the products that follow the latest trends and practical application requirements, bringing you a safe and reliable user experience.

Diverse Mold Designs

Apart from customization, our designers continue to develop different types of molds to plan for the long-term development of the products and also to provide refreshing options for you.

Consistent Quality And Supply

By giving priority to imported quality materials, our product quality surpasses most of our domestic counterparts. Engineers strive to integrate resources and constantly upgrade and optimize products.

Core R & D Technologies

In the past few years of persistent independent R&D experience, engineers have obtained patent certifications, providing a strong guarantee for the quality of our products.

Staff is measuring the incoming material in the factory
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Short Lead Time

With the collaboration of advanced production equipment and a professional team of experts, the product lead time is greatly shortened, bringing you a solid and fast product launch service.

Competitive Costs

KINKONG’s favorable geographical location near the Ningbo port and exclusive logistics prices offer you an all-round cost advantages and provide ideal conditions for stable long-term cooperation.

Quality Connectors Manifest Solid Strength

With emphasis on practical design, robust performance, and high-end technology, we make connectors that can stand out in the market and efficiently promote your brand.

Accurate Connection


Accurate connection is the key element of connector quality, and every connector from KINKONG is carefully tested for connection performance and function to ensure that the product will not be disconnected.

Fluent Adaptation


After detailed research by designers, and many trials and polishings by technicians, our connector must guarantee suitability for most of the motor vehicle models on the market and a high level of adaptability with other accessories.

Excellent Practicality


Designed to withstand a wide range of extreme environments, our connector is reliable and durable, providing safe driving and a long service life.

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