Motorcycle Connector

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Motorcycle Connector Overview

One of the highlights of our motorcycle connectors is that they can be used in a variety of systems, including control systems, engine systems, ABS, etc. Corresponding connectors are also available in stock for applications requiring strong functions.

Available For Over 10 Motorcycle Brands

Whether it’s a commonly known brand or an overseas niche brand, our ability to provide connectors that meet real-world needs relies on years of aggressive design and engineering optimization.

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Motorcycle Connector Gallery

With a professional service team to meet your manufacturing requirements, all the products you order will be manufactured and tested according to the standards of sampled products, and all your orders will be completed smoothly and with satisfactory quality.



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  • Sealed

  • Unsealed

Number of Rows

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  • 2 rows

  • 3 rows

  • 4 rows

  • 5 rows

  • 6 rows


  • 1 pin

  • 2 pins

  • 3 pins

  • 4 pins

  • 5 pins

  • 6 pins

  • 8 pins

  • 9 pins

  • 10 pins

  • 12 pins

  • 14 pins

  • 16 pins

  • 18 pins

  • 21 pins

  • 26 pins

  • 33 pins

  • 34 pins

  • 36 pins

  • 39 pins

  • 40 pins

  • 48 pins

  • 56 pins

  • 112 pins

We Manufacture Well-supported Connectors From Scratch

KINKONG offers innovative motorcycle connectors with fresh and modern designs that adapt to the current trends of many motorcycle models on the market. Working with trusted material suppliers, we continue to optimize product safety and longevity.

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Tailored Adaptation

We offer individualized connector designs and features that apply to various motorcycle models.

Waterproof Function

Strong sealing is used in the connector's mating area.

Secure Installation

Incomplete insertion can be detected.

Looking For Something Exclusive?

We Offer Bespoke Molding!

Our engineers will carefully assess the applicability of your customization needs and work with designers to generate practical customization solutions that will bring your brand superb product quality and make your promotion simple and advanced.

Custom Terminal

With Versatile Options

Custom Connector & Enclosure

With Dynamic Performance

Custom Wire Harness

With Outstanding Adaptation

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