Custom KINKONG Wiring Harness

  KINKONG is an engine wiring harness manufacturer that designs products from the ground up. For more than 10 years, engineers and manufacturing personnel have solved many complex engine wiring problems for their OEM customers.KINKONG also provides customized wiring harness options, such as wire markings, various types of harness covering options, splicing, and various wire and cable types.

Moreover, you can customize any brand of car wiring harness in KINKONG, such as Brands and models of BMW, Audi, Subaru, Volkswagen, Honda and more!

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Harness Connectivity: Boost your system with our best-selling harness!

     Explore our best-selling wiring harnesses to meet your connectivity needs, ensuring robust performance in different applications. Enhance your wiring solution with our high-quality wiring harnesses. These high-demand products are designed for seamless integration to provide a secure and efficient network for your electrical systems.

Our Advantage

kinkong provides different auto parts for the public, and meets different needs with high-quality service


Tailored to meet specific requirements, our wire harnesses offer a high degree of customization to suit diverse applications and specifications.

Efficient Cable Management

Streamlined cable organization within our wire harnesses enhances overall system efficiency, reducing the likelihood of tangled or damaged wires.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We provide cost-effective wire harness solutions without compromising on quality, ensuring a balance between affordability and performance.

Compliance with Standards

Our wire harnesses adhere to industry standards, guaranteeing compatibility and seamless integration with various electronic components.

Automotive Wiring Harness Solutions

     Our automotive wiring harnesses embody precision engineering to ensure seamless integration of automotive electrical components. By design reliability, these harnesses enable efficient power distribution and improve overall system performance. With durability in mind, our products provide powerful and safe solutions for the complex wiring needs of modern vehicles. With advanced automotive wiring harness technology, you can enjoy superior connectivity and reliability on the road to enhance your driving experience.


Our ability

Our engineering team is comprised of 10 fully trained staff members, committed to the creation of new and innovative products with the experience of over 10 years. Their proficiency in material, mold, products development and analysis avail us to fulfill our customers’ specific and specialized OEM&ODM requirements.

Custom Made Wiring Harnesses
When you need the best wiring harnesses assemblies for your specific project, please consider our customization options. Manufacturing wiring components to your exact specifications means having the right tools for the right job every time. Let us help you meet your individual wiring harnesses assemblies needs.
Custom Wire Cable
With more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing wire harness, we have the matured supply chain in custom different standard or certification of wire and cable with exceptional quality and with sufficient inventory to offer you with quick turnaround. Check out in below information for what we can offer.
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At KINKONG, we manufacture wire harnesses that meet specifications. These wiring harnesses are carefully crafted. We can handle any Custom Made Wiring Harnesses order. Our years of experience in wire harnesses assembly are the reason why we are able to provide quality products and excellent customer service time and time again.
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