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     Welcome to KINKONG SEAL, a professional platform dedicated to rubber seals. A small stop, a big responsibility.To achieve waterproof rating IP67, good materials are key what we never stop persuing.You esteem can gain insight into our expertise and services in rubber seals hereby. KINKONG is committed to the manufacturing and trading portfolio of connectors, terminals, silicone rubber seals, wire harnesses and related accessories with excellent services and quality products.

     KINKONG SEAL, covering one of main products of KINKONG,represents the essence of innovation of automatic technology,high intensive quality and full service range.

10.Silicone Rubber Seals

Seal the Deal: Top-Selling Rubber Seals for Superior Protection

     Discover our best selling rubber seals that provide a special barrier, elastomically protected car connection that effectively protects against moisture and contaminants and keeps the connection safe.

Our Advantage

kinkong provides different auto parts for the public, and meets different needs with high-quality service

Excellent sealing

Our rubber seals provide an efficient sealing barrier with stable performance and reliable quality.

Superior Flexibility

Designed to accommodate various connector shapes and sizes, our seals offer flexible adaptability, facilitating easy installation across diverse applications.

High Temperature Resistance

Engineered with advanced materials, our seals exhibit excellent performance under extreme temperatures, maintaining integrity and functionality


Our rubber seals can greatly meet the needs of customers in terms of materials, molds, and product development.

Excellent security protection for car connections.

     Our rubber seal rings ensure seamless functionality and reliable performance. These components are precision designed to provide a reliable seal that prevents moisture and contaminants from damaging the integrity of electrical connections. Designed for durability, it provides robust protection in challenging environments, ensures the life of your vehicle’s electrical system and gives you a stable solution that increases the flexibility and reliability of your car’s connections.

Our ability

Our engineering team is comprised of 10 fully trained staff members, committed to the creation of new and innovative products with the experience of over 10 years. Their proficiency in material, mold, products development and analysis avail us to fulfill our customers’ specific and specialized OEM&ODM requirements.

Mold Development
Min to Max has a engineering team of proficient engineers and technicians who use the latest software and machining technologies to design and produce high-precision molds for different types of products. Production time frame for wire seal and Gaskets is around 4 weeks(Tooling 1-2 weeks ),Multi-hole grommets 6 weeks (Tooling 4-5 weeks).
Material Options
Precision manufacturing starts with superior materials development.We help our Customer to achieve their cost reduction targets, improve their material performance and enhance their market competitive edge. We aim to delivery our customer high performance products and innovative thinking. There're variety of material formula we have usage experience, such as Polysiloxanes (Silicone),Polychloroprene (CR), Polyisoprene (IR), EPDM, Nitrile (NBR), HNBR, Butyl (IIR), Natural rubber (NR), SBR ,FPM and etc.
Manufacturing Capabilities
Min to Max has reached competitive advantage through strategic in-house manufacture processes. There're production equipments such as 300ton compression machine, 300ton injection machine, liquid silicone injection machine, preforming machine, open mixing machine and closed mixing machine in total 30 sets keep running without downtime to offer our customers the qualified and on-time delivery products.
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