CMC Series Connector

CMC Series Connector Overview

CMC-Series connector assemblies utilize tapered interfaces to ensure corona free operation through altitude and temperature extremes.

Various interface layouts, shell size and operating voltages are available to meet your customer`s requirements.

The CMC-Series multi-contact connectors offer multiple high voltage connections within a common shell.

This concept offers maximum reliability at a low cost for the most demanding applications.

CMC Series Connector Gallery




  • 28 pins

  • 32 pins

  • 36 pins

  • 48 pins

  • 53 pins


  • Female

  • Male


  • Sealed

  • Unsealed

We Manufacture Well-supported Connectors From Scratch

Thanks to our advanced and logical warehousing operation system, we are able to provide competitive pricing and time-saving solutions with our off-the-shelf available connectors, which makes it easier to shorten both the lead time and the shipping time.

3-4 R&D staff discussing the development of molds in the conference room

Favorable Pricing

Various discounts targeting different regions.

Competitive logistics

Lower logistics costs compared to other manufacturers and suppliers.


Bulk in-stock inventory ensures fast sales.

Looking For Something Exclusive?

We Offer Bespoke Molding!

Our engineers will carefully assess the applicability of your customization needs and work with designers to generate practical customization solutions that will bring your brand superb product quality and make your promotion simple and advanced.

Custom Terminal

With Versatile Options

Custom Connector & Enclosure

With Dynamic Performance

Custom Wire Harness

With Outstanding Adaptation

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