As an industry leader in the design and manufacture of custom connectors, KINKONG is qualified as the go-to-partner for custom connectors. Leveraging our engineering expertise and specific design knowledge, we can tackle most custom connectors from concept and prototyping to full volume production.


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Enhancing Automotive Connectivity

Precision Performance Unleashed!


Discover peak performance with our automotive connector series.  Engineered for reliability and seamless connections, these hot-selling products ensure optimal functionality in every drive.  Upgrade your vehicle’s connectivity with our trusted solutions.

Our Advantage

kinkong provides different auto parts for the public, and meets different needs with high-quality service

More Robust Construction

Robust design initially, ensuring durability and longevity in various operating conditions.

More Precision Engineering

Engineered with precision, more accuracy and electrical connections secured, enhancing overall system reliability.

More Environmental Resilience

Designed to withstand environmental challenges,resisting corrosion, moisture, and other adverse conditions, ensuring sustained performance.

More Customer Support

Reliable team assisting with technical queries, ensuring a smooth experience from selection to integration of our automotive connectors.

Advanced Automotive Connector Solutions

  • Our automotive connector products feature robust design and seamless functionality. These connectors are designed for optimal performance, ensuring safe and stable electrical connections that meet stringent industry standards. Our products focus on durability and ensure consistent power transmission and signal integrity, making them indispensable for modern automotive systems. Enhance the connectivity of your vehicle with our advanced solutions that deliver quality and performance for a reliable driving experience.


Our ability

Our engineering team is comprised of 10 fully trained staff members, committed to the creation of new and innovative products with the experience of over 10 years. Their proficiency in material, mold, products development and analysis avail us to fulfill our customers’ specific and specialized OEM&ODM requirements.

Customer-oriented Service
Furthermore, we have a professional service team to meet customer’s special requirement. Our staff ensure that all your products ordered will be manufactured and tested according to the standards of sampling products, and all your orders will be smoothly completed with satisfied quality.
Diversified Products
With over 8,000 connectors in stock, we have been designing and making our own connectors centered around off-the-shelf OEM terminals and seals. We continually to create 100+ new mold yearly, which means we present about 10 news products to our customers with quality they deserve every month.
On-time Delivery
We pride ourselves on hitting production demand within lead time. With over 8,000 connectors, we could send stocked products within 3 working days. For these products out of stock, line rollouts can be expedited by delivering samples within a compressed timeline. Once product line rollouts are committed, we will deliver against our committed tapeline, and setup out demand plan to ensure supply against a committed forecast.
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