AMP SUPERSEAL 1.0 Connector

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AMP SUPERSEAL 1.0 Connector Overview

Designed for the automotive industry, AMP SUPERSEAL connectors meet the sealing
requirements outlined in IEC 529 and DIN 40050 I.P 6.7 specifications. 

The cap and plug connector housings incorporate preassembled secondary locks to help insure correct and complete contact insertion into the housing and helps prevent the contacts from backing out during mating.

The secondary lock cannot be closed if the contacts are not correctly inserted into the connector housing.

Cavity plugs are available for sealing unused connector cavities.

The double spring contact design (main spring and auxiliary anti-overstress spring) insure low insertion and high contact forces.

AMP SUPERSEAL 1.0 Connector Gallery




  • 26 pins

  • 34 pins

  • 44 pins

  • 60 pins


  • Female

  • Male


  • Sealed

  • Unsealed

We Manufacture Well-supported Connectors From Scratch

Our connectors are able to meet the sealing and pressure resistance requirements in harsh environments thanks to our safe and advanced manufacturing and thorough quality control, helping you to eliminate worries about the quality of the product, while also improving motor vehicle driving safety.

3-4 R&D staff discussing the development of molds in the conference room

Repeated Testing

We check the quality of our connectors at least three times.

Independent Lab

Internationally certified quality control lab.

Standardized workshop

All production lines are regulated internationally.

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