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Terminals for reliable connections in cars, trucks, and other vehicles

Automotive connector terminals are designed to provide robust and efficient cable connections. These are engineered for high resistance to vibrations and thermal influences. Automotive connector terminals mostly consist of standardized terminals that provide a quick and qualitative connection point between one or more wires and headers or other wires. Our automotive terminals are manufactured in a variety of material finishes, including: tin (Sn), silver (Ag), gold (Au), and other special finishes.

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  • Female

  • Male

Termination Method

  • Solid

  • Stamp


  • Sealed

  • Unsealed

Interface Plating

  • Tin(Sn)

  • Nickle(Ni)

  • Gold(Au)

  • Silver(Ag)

We Manufacture Well-supported Connectors From Scratch

Aiming to pursue connectors that meet your practical needs, KINKONG consistently collaborates with stable upstream material suppliers and explores top-level manufacturing techniques to manufacture outstanding connectors of DEUTSCH series.

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Great Adaptability

Developed and manufactured by advanced equipments.

Stable Supply

With more than 10 years industry experience.

Patented Technology

Acknowledged innovative solutions.

Looking For Something Exclusive?

We Offer Bespoke Molding!

Our engineers will carefully assess the applicability of your customization needs and work with designers to generate practical customization solutions that will bring your brand superb product quality and make your promotion simple and advanced.

Custom Terminal

With Versatile Options

Custom Connector & Enclosure

With Dynamic Performance

Custom Wire Harness

With Outstanding Adaptation

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