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Adhering to the use of professional equipment to produce professional connectors, we have launched a variety of self-developed connector custom molds for you to choose from. Our competent technicians will assist you in solving technical problems, such as adjusting various parameters, and propose optimal solutions.

High-End Customization At Your Service

We are able to provide customized services for connectors with advantages such as high quality, precise design, and superior materials. Our engineers’ proven research on motor vehicle models and connector applications, as well as our leading edge in R&D and manufacturing, have made our customization services trusted by many customers from all around the world.

Superior Material

Cost-effective raw materials such as metals or plastics, as well as overseas sourcing and specialized materials from major brand name suppliers, are preferred in the production of our connectors.

Performance Customization

We have optimal manufacturing equipment and a team of experts that can achieve excellence in fulfilling customization needs regarding raw materials, performance parameters, packaging, and other aspects.

Expertise Manufacturing

Our patented, certified, exclusive technology, combined with advanced professional manufacturing equipment, plus the experienced technical team, provide an all-round guarantee.

Accurate Connection

Connectors can be customized with a various number of positions, adopting self-developed technology and high-quality components to make the connection more precise and accurate.

Worry Less, Connect More

Technology Assessment

The R&D team will make meticulous evaluations of your customized solution throughout the sampling and production process.

Quick Sampling

KINKONG will create product samples using a state-of-the-art 3D prototyping machine. Free samples are typically provided within a week.

Mass Production

Supported by 5 specialized production plants, we can offer a short lead time and fast delivery.

Quality Inspection

We check the quality of raw materials and the quality of our connectors at least three times.

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