• DT Crimp Terminal
  • DT Crimp Terminal

Deutsch Crimp Contacts-DT Series

DEUTSCH stamped & formed style contacts terminate wire from 10 AWG to 22 AWG (6.0 - 0.35mm2). They are available in nickel, tin, or gold plating and in multiple sizes to accommodate a wide range of wire insulation.

PICTURE KK PN OEM PN WIRE SIZE Interface Plating Remarks
CKK012 1.5FN CKK012-1.5FNK1 1062-16-0622 16-20AWG Nickle Crimp
CKK012 1.5FN CKK012-1.5FNK2 1062-16-0122 14-18AWG Nickle Crimp
CKK012 1.5FN CKK012-1.5FNK3 1062-14-0122 14-18AWG Nickle Crimp
CKK012 1.5MN CKK012-1.5MNK1 1060-16-0622 16-20AWG Nickle Crimp
CKK012 1.5MN CKK012-1.5MNK2 1060-16-0122 14-18AWG Nickle Crimp
CKK012 1.5MN CKK012-1.5MNK3 1060-14-0122 14-18AWG Nickle Crimp
CKK012 1.5FNB2镀金 CKK012-1.5FNB2镀金 1062-16-0144 14-18AWG Half gold Crimp
CKK012 1.5MNB2镀金 CKK012-1.5MNB2镀金 1060-16-0144 14-18AWG Half gold Crimp

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