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As one of MOLEX’s flagship product lines, CMC stands for Compact Modular Connector, and these connectors are designed to meet the demands of challenging environments, such as aerospace, military, and industrial applications. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the Molex CMC series, its key features and benefits, and why it is a great choice for high-performance applications.

The CMC/CMX connector system offers a wide range of ready-to-use, cost-effective and validated solutions from one source. The wire-to-board and wire-to-wire sealed hybrid connector systems range from 22 to 154 circuit counts with signal, mid-power and power terminal sizes supplied for wire sections from 0.35 to 5.00mm² (ISO, TXL, FLRY types).

Key Features and Benefits:

  • High-density interconnectivity

The CMC connectors are designed to provide high-density interconnectivity in a small footprint. This makes them ideal for applications where space is at a premium.

  • Ruggedized design

The CMC connectors are built to withstand harsh environments, including extreme temperatures, shock, vibration, and corrosion. This makes them suitable for a wide range of industrial, military, and aerospace applications.

  • Modular design

The CMC connectors are modular in design, which means they can be configured to meet specific application requirements. This makes them a flexible and versatile solution for a variety of applications.

  • High-speed data transfer

The CMC connectors support high-speed data transfer rates, making them suitable for applications that require fast and reliable data transmission.

  • Wide range of options

The CMC series is available in a wide range of options, including different sizes, shapes, and materials. This makes it easy to find a connector that meets the specific requirements of your application.


The Molex CMC series is suitable for a wide range of applications, including: Aerospace and defense, Industrial automation, Medical equipment, cars, trucks, busses, agricultural equipment, motorcycle or marine.

In summary, the Molex CMC series of connectors is a versatile and reliable solution for high-performance applications. Its compact size, rugged design, modular architecture, high-speed data transfer, and wide range of options make it an ideal choice for aerospace, military, industrial, and medical applications. Whether you need a connector for harsh environments, high-speed data transfer, or high-density interconnectivity, the Molex CMC series has you covered.

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