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Customized wiring harnesses make a quarter of our annual revenue. By acquiring innovative overseas technology and equipment, we provide refined design and comprehensive technical empowerment for customized wiring harnesses, aiming to provide convenient and reliable products, thereby increasing your market share.

High-End Customization At Your Service

Wiring harness customization includes appearance, wiring connection, packaging, etc. By intensively developing the connection and application aspects of our wiring harnesses, we also comprehensively expand the scope and depth of application of our products to solve your specific needs such as modification and upgrade of motor vehicles.

Precise Connection

The inner core of the wire harness is made of high-quality raw materials and pure metal to speed up the transmission speed.

Short Lead Time

Fast prototyping and advanced warehousing and logistics systems significantly reduce lead times and provide the convenience of visualization and real-time tracking.

Competitive Price

We offer different prices for different regions to maximize the benefits and increase the cost advantage for you.

Automated Manufacturing

Equipped with the advantages of automated production, the advanced die presses and stamping machines procured from overseas bring a full range of professional support and technological empowerment to the production of products.

Worry Less, Connect More

Technology Assessment

The R&D team will make meticulous evaluations of your customized solution throughout the sampling and production process.

Quick Sampling

KINKONG will create product samples using a state-of-the-art 3D prototyping machine. Free samples are typically provided within a week.

Mass Production

Supported by 5 specialized production plants, we can offer a short lead time and fast delivery.

Quality Inspection

We check the quality of raw materials and the quality of our connectors at least three times.

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