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We manufacture durable, practical, and efficient hardware with the aid of our modern production equipment. Our technicians’ meticulous supervision and inspection in every procedure greatly improve the rate of good quality.

High-End Customization At Your Service

Our custom metal hardware has been developed independently based on our own knowledge, design, technology, and product standards, which prevents the risk of infringement. With focus on improving the performance stability of our products and enhancing their safety level and service life, we bring sustainable customized solutions to you.

Hardened Quality

The quality of our hardware is amplified through high-pressure and high-temperature fine casting technology, which ensures a prolonged service life.

Extra Customization

For your brand awareness, we can manufacture exclusive logos and packaging and make them in special sizes to add uniqueness to your brand.

Expedited Delivery

Metal hardware utilizes dozens of advanced equipment such as finishing mills, coil collectors, etc., covering the entire production process, resulting in shorter lead times.

Advanced Workshop

Our production plant complies with international ISO standards and strictly follows independent production standards.

Worry Less, Connect More

Technology Assessment

The R&D team will make meticulous evaluations of your customized solution throughout the sampling and production process.

Quick Sampling

KINKONG will create product samples using a state-of-the-art 3D prototyping machine. Free samples are typically provided within a week.

Mass Production

Supported by 5 specialized production plants, we can offer a short lead time and fast delivery.

Quality Inspection

We check the quality of raw materials and the quality of our connectors at least three times.

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